PowerGen LifeView Launch

PowerGen International

Orlando, Florida, USA, December 8, 2005 – Lucidream is proud to announce the launch of LEA’s LifeView Engine Life Monitoring & Management System.

LifeView provides a tool by which gas turbine operators and after-market service providers can work together to fundamentally change the traditional gas turbine after market business model. The system allows the operator to take an active role in managing the life of their gas turbine engine and ensures optimum asset availability and efficiency.

No longer does an operator need to be familiar with the intricacies and maintenance requirements of the gas turbine engine to be in control of running costs. Using LifeView will ensure that your asset availability is optimized, while reducing your exposure to needless repairs and un-required removals by maximizing your engines performance, keeping track of component life and serviceability and providing a reliable mean to estimate actual engine life consumption.

LifeView is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing gas turbine control system with minimal modifications or upgrades. Whether you are operating the latest, microprocessor driven digital control system of a vintage analog control system, LifeView interface can be tailored to integrate with your system and deliver you the full range of benefits provided by the system.


On behalf of Lucidream,

Founder, Creative Director & Chief Designer
Ramak Radmard


Source: Lucidream