Stainless Steel Universal Mount

Marine testing the Lucidream eXo iPhone Universal Mount – Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Lucidream eXo iPhone Case – Universal Mount

The Universal Mount is a precision machined from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, it is an adjustable attachment base for the Lucidream eXo iPhone case.

Lucidream eXo iPhone Case - Universal Mount

It makes a great tool for connecting your iPhone to any tubular profile, using two standard ties which can then be trimmed and covered by the Universal Mount’s cap.

Lucidream eXo UM

The Universal Mount is also designed to attach to any flat surfaces using fasteners.  The mount is also compatible with standard 1/4″ camera connectors for you tripods and all you other photography accessories.

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Ramak Radmard

Lucidream Industrial Design & Product Development

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