We are product storytellers

We are product storytellers

We are product storytellers As We are product storytellers we facilitate the process and framework to develop your product and tell it’s story to its audience. We are product storytellers We identify inspirational opportunities for our clients by balancing their unique advantages; marketing channels, sourcing options and manufacturing capabilities. Diving deeply into their presented opportunity we discover and strategize innovate …

Industrial Designer / Designer Industriel Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We are registered with MDEIE as an Industrial Designer / Designer Industriel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in addition to being recognition by IDSA, ACID & ADIQ.

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Noor Oasis by Lucidream - Ramak Radmard

Design Thinking Architecture :: Noor, an ecological / self-sustaining desert oasis

What is Noor Oasis? It is a proposed building complex that would be built in desert regions. This building complex will be carbon neutral, self sustaining and eco-friendly.
Noor Oasis is comprised of 4 individual and independent business units which leverage each other to add value to the overall business group.

Idea Exchange, a design thinking solution to: Product design, development, manufacturing and commercialization.

Change the way we choose and purchase products, a method that would allow social networks to create, invest, manufacture and sell products. Reducing unwanted and unwarranted products while reducing waste and overall energy consumption

Finalist IDEA® 2009 : International Design Excellence Awards

Finalist in the International Design Excellence Awards IDEA® 2009