Financial Times Sightsavers Challenge

The Financial Times partnered with Sightsavers, the FT’s chosen charity for its 2011-2012 seasonal appeal, to set a global challenge for MBA participants:

What is the Financial Times Sightsavers Challenge?

“Develop a business plan to market glasses to children or young people (aged 16 to 25) in one or more developing country in Africa or Asia.”

” In some developing countries, there is a stigma attached to wearing glasses. A child in need of a pair of spectacles is seen as inferior or badly behaved because they can’t keep up at school. Often, they are shouted at by teachers and their parents who do not understand why the child is struggling.”

Finalist team RiteSightpartners with Ramak Radmard and Lucidream to design a completely new holistic eyewear concept for developing countries, addressing the stigma that is attached to wearing glasses!

I was happy when RiteSight invited me to join their team. I know that my expertise in product design and development, and my familiarity with the eyewear industry, will be an asset  to many aspects of this project. The opportunity to work with a talented young global team that are tackling a meaningful problem is irresistible!

My goal is to make this basic sense accessible. I also believe, by empowering all the stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle we can add value to their social fabric and create local economic growth.

Ramak Radmard

Lucidream product design and development : Financial Times Sightsavers Challenge


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