Free Product Design and Development Consultation!

Free product design and development consultation!

I am offering a free product development consulting session. Every January I get a surge of enquiries in regards to product design, development and marketing of new ideas. It seems that a lot of new synapses fire up during the holidays and many New Year resolutions are made to finally realize that eureka of an idea!

There are many things to consider at this stage. The majority of these initiatives don’t pan out, sometimes for all the wrong reasons. That is why I want to offer some free consultation, so people and companies can get access to a wider perspective of what they need to accomplish in order to have a successful product introduction.



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  1. hongyijig

    I think for proper development of a product, design is very much essential. First of all assessment of the market and analysis of a requirement of a customer. After that design of a project according to a customer. Design is divided into different category like as configuration and concept design, industrial design, prototyping. I am very much interested to know the proper direction of a design and development of a product. So this blog is very much impressive.

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