IIDEX Exhale Lounge Chair Launch

Exhale Lounge Chair Launch at IIDEX Canada

Toronto, Canada, April 17th 2003 – Ramak Radmard, the Chief designer of Lucidream, announces the premier Canadian launching of the Exhale lounge chair.

Lucidream is a new and innovative furniture company, designing timeless products with an elegant and minimalistic approach. It is a company dedicated to the application of modern and functional designs to furniture. We believe furniture is an extension of the human body, a celebration of human form. It is the marriage of Art and technology, a functional and dynamic sculpture.

Exhale Lounge Chair designed by Ramak Radmard of Lucidream in 1999

Exhale Lounge Chair designed by Ramak Radmard of Lucidream in 1999 | Photo by Raphael Mazzucco

Inspired by the human body, the Exhale lounge chair is designed with user comfort and individuality in mind. Its profile is in keeping with the human form, providing a perfectly ergonomic environment. The aesthetic characteristics of the chair make a unique and clean statement of elegance and sophistication, and the choice materials used, wood, leather and aluminum, further convey a sense of value.

The back and the base of the chair are made from bent wood, which has the advantage of being tough yet flexible. The cushions are produced in high grade polyether, structured in coordinated layers of varying heights and hardness, worked into a high-grade non-woven foam composite material. The neck and headrest is height adjustable, and the upholstery has been handcrafted in Elmo leather. The front legs are cast aluminum, with a satin finish and a clear protective coating.

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On behalf of Lucidream,

Founder, Creative Director & Chief Designer
Ramak Radmard


Source: Lucidream