Financial Times Global Challenge

Financial Times Global Challenge


Financial Times Global Challenge London, United Kingdom, October 22, 2012 – Lucidream & Rightsight win the prestigious Financial Times / Sightsaver Global Challenge

Rightsight is a multinational team of MBA students that consists of members from Aarhus University – Rutgers State University – IFRE / University of Pennsylvania and Lucidream their official product design and development partner.

How do you feel about winning the challenge?

Ramak-Lucidream: I was happy when RiteSight invited me to join their team, to collaborate on a sustainable social cause. Winning the challenge just made it incredibly sweet! This challenge has provided a great opportunity for us to design and develop a meaningful product, a completely new, innovative, customizable and affordable eyewear concept!

What did you enjoy most about participating?

Ramak-Lucidream: The opportunity to work with a talented global team that was tackling a meaningful problem was irresistible! Seeing the value that design thinking brought to the team was very rewarding.

How would you like to develop your business plan?

Ramak-Lucidream: We look forward to further developing and bring to market the Sightsaver – Rightsight solutions. We hope to demonstrate to the Sightsaver’s Executive Board the rewards associated with our system and how we will work to mitigate any residual risks.

An important next step involves intellectual property management. Given the novelty of the new Lucidream modular eyewear system and the innovative methods used to allow for individualization and low cost mass production, we will require intellectual property due diligence and intellectual property protection for several newly developed concepts.

What are your future plans?

Ramak-Lucidream: At Lucidream, we are continually developing new products and business models for our various clients. Lucidream’s design process is always human-centered and we shape decisions around product form, functionality, usage and creation of intellectual property. We use these insights to generate innovative concepts and provide superior experiences for our clients and to their customers.

Our goal is always to identify inspirational opportunities for our clients by balancing their unique advantages and developing innovative methods and solutions tailored to each specific business model.

We are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to develop meaningful products and businesses.

Will you stay focused on the work Sightsavers does? (if yes, why?)

Ramak-Lucidream: Absolutely. Knowing how Sightsavers is trying to add value to those who cannot help themselves is an inspiration.

Our involvement with Sighsavers is a great opportunity for us to invest in the global social fabric. We hope to demonstrate the differentiating factors of our accessible eyewear solution and show how our system can be an affordable solution for the masses. I believe this project has the potential to add real value to the social fabric and to create local economic growth while tackling the stigma associated with eye glasses in developing countries.

On behalf of Lucidream,

Founder, Creative Director & Chief Designer

Ramak Radmard

Source: Financial Times