Pocket Tripod Lucidream red special edition

Pocket Tripod

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Lucidream EditioneX iPhone Stand

This card-size iPhone stand is capable of holding your iPhone 6 at any angle, in both portrait and landscape, and can fit in a wallet for ultra portability.

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Product Description

Lucidream Special Edition Pocket Tripod iPhone Stand

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The Pocket Tripod is a compact smartphone stand. In its storage form, it’s the size of a two credit cards stacked on top. It transforms into a stand simply by twisting its two halves, and flipping up its sides. Once in stand form, it allows you to adjust the tilt angle of your device to any angle you need, smoothly and precisely. Unlike similar sized stands, the Pocket Tripod doesn’t let your device touch the surface its placed upon, keeping it safe from accidental spills. It also uses a very intuitive angle adjustment motion, similar to full-size photography tripods.

Whether it’s to take amazing time-lapse videos, or to make hands free FaceTime calls, the Pocket Tripod is one the best iPhone camera accessories that you can buy.

You can capture breathtaking images with the iPhone’s camera as well as beautiful slo-mo and time-lapse videos. The Pocket Tripod is the only truly practical iPhone stand, which allows you to harness the full potential of these functionalities. It precisely adjusts to any angle you need, in both portrait and landscape. It keeps your iPhone separated from the surface it’s placed up on, and safe from accidental spills and scratches. What really makes it unique is that the Pocket Tripod can transform to the shape of a credit card and fit in any wallet, so that you always have it with you without having to remember to carry it.


The Pocket Tripod is a must have gadget for your iPhone. At only 11.3 grams (0.4 oz), and 2.3mm thick, it hides in any wallet until it’s needed. Its precise angle adjustment is matched only by full-size photography tripods, and is perfect for setting up your iPhone to point to exactly what you need it to. Whether you want to capture a breathtaking time lapse, or simply want to be included in a group photo. Because it adjusts to any angle, you can use any flat surface of any odd height, and still take that Skype or FaceTime call, hands free. The Pocket Tripod also lifts your iPhone off the surface you place it on, keeping it safe from accidental spills; and it’s the only stand of this size that doesn’t obstruct your screen while doing that, making it perfect for watching movies on the go.

Additional Information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 17 x 11.5 x 1 cm


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